Going Raw for Valentine’s Day


While chocolate may be all the rage for Valentine’s Day not everyone likes it or takes well physically to it. A nice, very easy alternative is Carob and this recipe for Raw Hazelnut Carob Truffles couldn’t be easier or more delicious!  As an added bonus, carob helps to regulate the digestion process, while serving as a natural anti-allergic, antiseptic, and anti-bacterial agent.  It contains tannins that are rich in gallec acid, which give it its beneficial effects. Additionally, carob provides powerful anti-viral benefits that supply the body with essential antioxidants.  Okay, tastes great, easy to make and good for you — I call this a winner!

Raw Hazelnut Carob Truffles


1 cup of hazelnuts
4 T Carob
2 T coconut oil
1/8 t sea salt


Process the nuts in the food processor until completely chopped.

Add the Carob, sea salt, coconut oil and carob powder. Process again until everything is well mixed.

Taste your mixture and add a little more Carob if needed.

Roll the mixture in your hand to form balls.  Don’t be concerned if it seems a little soft. Once refrigerated it will firm up quite nicely.

If you’d like to can roll the balls in shredded coconut, carob powder, or finely chopped nuts – have fun & be creative.

Refrigerate a few hours so truffles can set before serving – enjoy!

Makes 6-8 Truffles depending on size


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Contributing blogger Margaret Rizzuto is a portrait and food photographer with an interest in vegetarian and raw foods (though she does admit to occasional indulgences in seafood). Margaret lives and works in Lower Hudson Valley where she loves being surrounded by the beauty of nature, the farms, and of course, great food. She admits to being obsessed with the Food Channel to the point where she’ll even watch shows where meat is being cooked—meat that being a vegetarian she knows she’ll never cook. She loves all the techniques, ingredients and creativity that go into cooking. When not shooting, Margaret can often be found in her garden battling slugs or in her kitchen trying out a new recipe. To see some of Margaret’s food work visit http://www.mrpculinaryart.com or see her portrait work at http://www.margaretrizzutophotography.com


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