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Peekskill Brewery recently opened its new doors just a block away from its previous location. This four story building offers much opportunity. The first floor, when walking in, exposes us to the brewery itself and a large bar area. Take the elevator to the second floor for a more traditional restaurant with bar and ample seating. Lots of windows provide natural light, a view of the Hudson River, and considerably less noise. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable about the food and beer offerings. They walk around casually in jeans and Dickies shirts with a “PB” logo pasted to the pocket area – – nice branding.

First floor bar area – – a small pub menu is available

The menu, on a clipboard, touts Peekskill Brewery as Fresh, Artful Food & Drink boldly crafted with local character & Gravity on the Hudson. It continues to say, “We’re craft obsessed from the top down. Craft is clever, quality and fresh. These are the elements we use to deliver innovation to your table each and every day. Authentic and without pretense. Our mission is to deliver the comforts of a thoughtfully sourced menu in an inspired brewery atmosphere.”

Second floor  – – main restaurant dining room with table and bar seatings

The beer battered chicken sandwich was served on ciabatta (Italian for slipper) bread, with crispy bacon, pickles and a nicely prepared aioli. Like their other sandwich offerings, a wonderful serving of nicely prepared hand-cut fries complement. The roast pork sandwich was really nice with the melted gruyere and paired with a “red eye gravy” and onion jam.

Beer battered chicken sandwich with hand-cut fries

A board of cornbread made in cast iron skillet was warm and welcoming served along with a round of creamy sweet butter and maple syrup for drizzling.

Oysters are available, although one had to ask for mignonette to accompany. The potato crisps are a great offering with fried peels, a dusting of horseradish, and an aioli for dipping.

Wings do not disappoint here. These are probably the largest “wings” I’ve ever eaten in a restaurant. They are served with a celery and carrot slaw and choices range from Blue Cheese Hot, to BBQ, or my favorite, Chipotle Maple.

A pork terrine was tender and well executed. It was the perfect consistency to spread onto toast points along with grainy mustard and cornichons.

Certainly, as you eat your way through the menu, there are amazing choices for brews and beverages. Beers which are crafted onsite, “guest beers” and a nice selection of wines, and cocktails. One cocktail, the “bloody mary” was made with bacon vodka and served with a crispy bacon skewer inside the drink. Delish.

Desserts do not disappoint. The blood orange tart with sweetened yogurt was delicious, and almost savory in nature. The Creme Caramel, “think flan” was tender and flavorful. In addition, there was a lovely New Orleans inspired beignet offering.

This new four-story Peekskill brewery with bar on the main level, restaurant on the second and “to be determined potential” on the top floors, is a welcome addition to the community.

Peekskill Brewery

47 – 53 South Water Street

Peekskill, NY 10566

twitter: @peekskillbrews


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