Westchester Breakfast Club Round Up!

For the Westchester Breakfast Club, there’s no better way to beat the winter blues than by starting off the day with a hearty, satisfying breakfast. The breakfasts we enjoyed during January gave us the fuel we needed to keep going through the long, cold weekends.
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Little Crepe Street

Little Crepe Street, Mount Kisco

Jan. 6  Next to the Little Kebab Station in Mt. Kisco sits the charming new Little Crepe Street. (If you couldn’t guess by the name, the establishments are operated by the same owner.) We’ve been let down by crepes before, but that didn’t stop us from giving this Martha Stewart-endorsed creperie a try.  Little Crepe Street succeeds with their savory selection, serving up crepes that are hearty and bursting with fresh, flavorful ingredients as evidenced by the ham, egg, and cheese crepe that Shelley started her day with and the asparagus, mushroom, and gruyere crepe that Sylvia enjoyed. The sweet crepes also hit the spot, although we’d recommend going for the indulgence of the full-size dessert crepes rather than trying to be “good” and get a smaller “coffee”-size crepe. You’ll only be disappointed by your small crepe when you see how delectable your friends’ full-size dessert crepes–complete with a dollop of fresh whipped creme–look. The one area Little Crepe Street may need to work on is their coffee, which the java-hounds of our group found to be too watery to give them the morning jumpstart they required.
Ruby’s Oyster Bar & Bistro
Ruby's Oyster Bar and Bistro, Rye

Jan. 20 We know, we know. Oysters for breakfast? For Sylvia and Jeff, the answer was yes. Although they did get some more traditional breakfast-fare to round out their meals. Sylvia was particularly pleased with her lobster, asparagus, and brie fritatta. (Yes, Sylvia really likes asparagus.) The fritatta was quite large with very generous chunks of lobster included–no skimping on the good stuff here (and for $27, you definitely want to get your money’s worth of good stuff). The coffee also earned a thumbs up. Ruby’s serves breakast from Mondays-Saturdays and brunch on Sundays, so stop in any day of the week for a solid morning meal. Being the dessert lovers that we are, after breakfast a walk down the block to Patisserie Salzburg was in order. The bread pudding was enough to whet our appetite for a return visit to give Patisserie Salzburg a try for breakfast.

Cedar Street Grill
Cedar Street Grill, Dobbs Ferry

Jan. 27  First of all, thank you Cedar Street Grill for not putting an “e” at the end of Grill. We appreciate your non-pretentiousness. We also appreciate your food. Starting with the fried pickle chips, we were happy. The thick slices of crunchy pickles are encased in a well-fried batter; the remoulade on the side was flavorful without being too powerful. Your mac and cheese sides could be meals unto themselves. Reid was thoroughly pleased with the fried chicken and waffles, hailing the chicken as moist and flavorful. And bonus points for the maple syrup served with it! Sylvia was over the moon about the grits, which had a wonderful balance of cheesiness (the good kind of cheesiness), sausage, and egg. And again, bonus points for maple syrup! Shelley’s Hungry Man omelette, while large, lacked the fluffiness that she’s come to enjoy in an omelette. But this wasn’t in and of itself a dealbreaker. Coffee refills could be a bit more frequent (we really like our coffee), but overall the meal combined with the cozy (if a bit chilly) ambiance and prompt, friendly service make us fairly certain that Dobbs Ferry has another culinary winner on its hands.


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