Family-style Peruvian Restaurants in Port Chester


If Peruvian food is what you’re craving, head to Port Chester. The town boasts a dozen or so Peruvian family-style restaurants, some in business for more than a decade.

The choices range from El Parralito, a no-frills luncheonette, to Acuario, a seafood bar and restaurant with a vacation-like vibe. If you’re not exactly caught up on your South American cuisine knowledge, dishes from Peru reflect the local produce, like limes, but also including influences from cuisines brought in with immigrants, like Chinese and Spanish. This is a great opportunity to be adventurous, explore new flavors and all without leaving the Lower Hudson Valley.

Intrigued? Check out the full story on the Peruvian restaurants in Port Chester.

Waitress Claudia Rauda with an order of ceviche at Acuario. Seth Harrison/The Journal News



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