“The Poutine King” brings the Canadian favorite to Yonkers


Don’t walk, RUN, toward Andrus Park on Central Park Avenue in Yonkers. There you will find a new food truck, The Poutine King, selling a Canadian favorite that is hard to come by this far south of the border.

If you have ever been to Canada you might already be in the know on this one, but for those eagerly awaiting the juicy details, here they are. Poutine, pronounced POO-teen, is made of twice cooked, hand cut french fries — crispy and deep brown outside, and fluffy and light inside. These are covered with a toss of cheese curds, a fresh, light, soft cheese known to squeak when you bite into it cold. This is then topped with ladlesful of flavorful, brown gravy, boiling hot, which melts the curds and soaks into the luscious fries.

Hungry yet? Click here for the story behind the man gracing the area with poutine.

poutine king

The Poutine King

Northbound Central Park Avenue at Andrus Park Playing Fields, between Palmer Avenue and Tuckahoe Road.
To call ahead orders:
to 5 p.m.
Facebook and website coming soon.



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