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So, in keeping up with Restaurant Week, dates with the husband and racking up points in the Scavenger Hunt, today was lunch at Myong’s in Mt Kisco.  What a great restaurant!  While lunch wasn’t on the restaurant week menu (dinner is though!) we did eat and did enjoy it thoroughly. So much so that another trip for dinner this time, is definitely in the near future.

We started with a salad of Local Farm Greens with roasted beets, croutons, and a sherry Dijon vinaigrette.  The presentation was bright and the salad certainly followed suit.

Evan then had the Ocean Wrap which is the fresh market fish of the day in a cellophane wrap with rice noodles, carrots, avocado and cilantro.  Today’s selection was tuna served with a light spicy dipping sauce — he was a very happy man.

I had the Bi Bim Bop which is always a favorite of mine. I was surprised when it wasn’t served in the traditional hot stone bowl and mentioned it to the waiter.  He (like any good, conscientious waiter should do) mentioned it to the chef and within minutes, Myong was at our table.  I really appreciated that she took the time during a busy lunch to come out and explain that in her country (Korea) Bi Bim Bop is served in either the stone bowls or in this case, in a lovely, square white bowl.

Now one of the things I love about Bi Bim Bop is the crunchy rice that happens while it cooks in the stone bowl which I mentioned to Myong. She assured me the rice was crunchy and true to her word the rice was not only crunchy but it quite possibly could be one of the best Bi Bim Bop dishes I’ve ever had.  It was fresh without having muddled flavors, each ingredient seemed to stand on its own while still being totally cohesive and the sauce had a nice kick without rendering my taste-buds extinct for the rest of the meal — excellent, really.

Now having Myong come to our table gave me an opportunity to get a photograph with her for the Scavenger Hunt and earn 100 points!

At this point we were of course, totally sated until I saw Pumpkin Beignets with pumpkin mousse and chai dipping sauce on the menu — I couldn’t pass it up, could you?  And oh, was that good — the pumpkin mousse, the chai dipping sauce, the beignets, nothing short of perfection!

So, now that the love fest with food is complete, for the Scavenger Hunt — we totalled 100 points!  Your turn. . .

The 411 on Myong Gourmet.

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  1. Is any of the stuff you ate on the RW menu? Why would you post a write-up on a non-RW meal? You could have just gone last week and done the same thing.

  2. I didn’t realize until we were at the restaurant that lunch wasn’t on the RW week menu, so we ate. Once we ate, the food was so good it seemed to warrant the write up. Hopefully, it will inspire others to try it out for RW.

  3. Oh, that sucks. I guess that should be in the instructions for bloggers “make sure they’re serving the RW menu on the day and meal you plan to go”. :-).

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