HVRW Spring 2013: Gaucho Grill, White Plains


Bradley and Donna Monaco Olsen continue their adventures in blogging along with their family in a most spectacular setting at the Gaucho Grill. Donna currently writes on Small Bites as Chef’s Tip, re-capping great cooking demonstrations in local restaurants. She is the co-coordinator for Westchester Community College’s Taste of Westchester program. Knowing quite a few chefs in Westchester, she has been enjoying getting to visit with them as they participate in this great program. This time around there are over 185 restaurants to try.

We have gone out each day to a different restaurant, enjoying everything we have seen and tried. We love Liz Johnson’s creativity in setting up a scavenger hunt and we have taken many pictures to share, some with great chefs, and others of their creations. We have sampled five spots thus far.

Here is our family luncheon visit to Gaucho Grill (with free valet parking by the way, since parking in White Plains can be challenging at times). Only seven months young this restaurant has already been host to many including a prince and his entourage. As is Donna, one of the owners and executive chef is an Ardsley High School alum…Go Ardsley!

The décor is clean and beautifully appointed with its chandeliers, black and white motif and Carrera marble. It is a large place serving Argentinean food (good timing with the new Argentinean pope buzz!)

(Photos of our group enjoying the HVRW meal-100 points to start us off.)


We all tried (some of us for the first time 50+50) the PULPO A LA BRASA ~ Grilled octopus, fresh tomato, Gaeta olives, roasted garlic, and cilantro. Delish Dish as it had a nice firm texture but not chewy and it was adorned with a beautiful marinade that made you dip the bread into the juices!
STRAWBERRY & FIG GOAT CHEESE ~ Arcadia mix, Candied walnuts, with a Raspberry vinaigrette.

SPAGHETTINI PUTTANESCA & PESCE ~ shrimp, flounder, Gaeta olives, capers (the biggest I had ever seen), anchovies, onion, in a tomato basil sauce.

ARGENTINEAN CHURRASCO ~ classic Argentinean skirt steak, with a nice Chimichurri sauce. Marinated beautifully and very tender this was the crowd favorite for flavor.

MENDOZINO STEAK ~ chorizo, caramelized onion, portobello and crispy fried potatoes. Bradley and dad thought this was the way to go. Similar to a sirloin steak it was a thicker and leaner type of meat and a lovely sized portion for lunch.
Tres Leche Cake ~ A first for Bradley (50+50 points), like the name says it is made with three types of milk. This version was very moist and actually had sweet milk on the plate that had been poured over the cake and then topped with fresh whipped cream.
Tiramisu ~ This proved to be a very good version of this famous dessert showing the Italian influences in the kitchen. It was neither soggy nor gooey and had a lovely coffee flavor that was not overpowering.
Coconut Flan ~ This version of a Spanish classic had a lovely mouth feel and a mild coconut flavor. All in all, a very nice execution of a custardy creamy flan.

Each HVRW I engage my cousins, aunt and parents to join in a review of a new place we have not tried. Thrilled to see them for more then just at holiday time, we enjoyed a fabulous lunch at an exciting restaurant. I encourage you to try Gaucho Grill soon.

We enjoyed our meals and hope you do too. Bradley and Donna wish you happy hunting!

Total points: 300


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As a contributing blogger and the author of "Chef’s Tip", Donna Monaco Olsen recaps great cooking demonstrations from local restaurants. As the the coordinator for Westchester Community College’s Continuing Education program, named “A Taste of Westchester,” she writes the program, which offers more than 35 cooking classes each semester, and recruits chefs to do cooking demonstrations in their restaurants. She holds a full time position in the education field, and in her off time develops and contributes recipes for cookbooks. She is an avid baker and a former cake decorator who created many custom designed specialty cakes. Along with her husband, she reviews restaurants on Small Bites during Hudson Valley Restaurant Week.


  1. Too bad the staff, owners, etc. are all brasilian. Not an argentine to be seen in the place.

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