HVRW Spring 2013: Small Bites Back for Seconds At Village Social


MenuMy fellow blogger, Maria Reina, has already shared her story from Village Social – but the experience at the Mt. Kisco eatery was so stellar I thought I’d share mine too.

The best part of my eat-sploration for this blog is being inspired to travel a little further than my southernmost Westchester home-base. When I stumbled upon the Village Social, I prayed to the food-gods that the they would be participating in restaurant week, giving me a reason to head on over. It was a happy day when the lists of participant and Village Social was among them (thanks, food gods!) It would also be a good spot to meet up with my Mahopac-swelling cousin for a Sunday dinner. We planned it for the final night of Restaurant Week and to finish the foodie fortnight off with a bang, decided to try a round of HVRW scavenger hunt.

Didn’t do so well in getting too many different categories, but our points total was pretty all right!

For starters, everyone was instantly enamored with the menu. Being the dedicated blogger that I am, I entered for Sunday dinner with every intention of choosing one of the special Restaurant Week offerings. But then I saw it – the most magical combination of words in the English language – grilled cheese. Furthermore, this perfect pairing of words was joined by an additional good buddy – short rib. I am not ashamed to admit that I am too weak a woman to resist a sandwich identified as “Short Rib Grilled Cheese”. My fate was sealed, I was going off HVRW menu. Luckily, my husband and cousin were willing to go for the gold and ordered the branzino and the skirt steak options ┬árespectively. The branzino was a first for both my husband and for me (who greedily gobbled a few bites when I could), 50 points for Gryffindor us! Another 50 for sharing the experience! We had also ordered the brussel sprout appetizer and my cousin, feeling emboldened likely do to her delicious glass of the house red sangria, bravely popped one in her mouth for the first time. Yum all around!

Trying new food at Village Social

Our dinners arrived and we all were pleased with our plates. The short rib grilled cheese was stuff that dreams are made of, served on a crusty hunk of bread beside an unfinishable mini bucket of fries. My cousin and husband tucked in happily to their restaurant week entrees while my other dining companions – my sister and her boyfriend – also decided against the special menu. He chose a delicious mahi mahi & kale meal, while she – a fan of big, hearty salads – chose an arugula, roasted butternut squash, goat cheese and pistachio salad. She wouldn’t shut up about this salad for the rest of the night, not even long enough for me to snap a 100 point earning photo of the group digging in.

Eating at Village Social

Finally, dessert came. Now normally, I’m not a fan of dessert. Okay that came out wrong in that it was a bold faced lie. It’s not that I’m not a fan, it’s just that my cravings always lean to the savory side more so than the sweet side. So by the time dessert comes along (save for the times when I’ve chosen to go the Restaurant Week menu route,) I am already too stuffed with salty snacks to even entertain a sugary finish. (If I AM going to get my sweet fix, it’s usually in the form of a cocktail.) At the beginning of dinner I swayed my husband’s dessert choice (in that I made it for him) intending on sharing a few spoonfuls of his peanut butter pie. BUT! When the fateful dessert menu was dropped on our table and I spied the Sumatra coffee tart was part of it, I was too intrigued to pass it up. When it arrived I instantly regretted preemptively offering a few bites to my dinner pals. It was served alongside some coffee flavored ice cream and was unlike anything I’d ever tried before. It was so unique the experience was hard to put in to words, but I tried – via video – rounding off my points tally with an additional whopping 500.

Hope you had fun reading along with my experience at this one of many impressive Hudson Valley eateries and more so I hope you got out there to tackle the scavenger hunt yourselves!


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  1. Hi Christina, So glad you made it there for dinner. It’s really such a great spot! Definitely worth a trip back again. The pizzas are divine.

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