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Hello everybody, this is Kevin Ellis of the husband and wife Small Bites column Foodies 101. We’re sorry it has been so long since we posted any updates. We have been celebrating Aimee’s birthday! We have eaten at a few restaurants recently, but today we wanted to share our experience at Joe Willy’s Seafood House in Fishkill, NY.  We’re eager to share this today because this restaurant will be on Food Network’s Restaurant: Impossible tonight at 10pm! We wanted to give you guys a first-hand description of what we experienced!

Aimee and I were coming home after visiting some good friends and we were talking about the article we  read about Joe Willy’s being filmed to be on Food Network. We were driving on route 9 South, coming from Hyde Park.  Since the restaurant was on our way home, we decided to stop and check it out.

Coustm fish skeleton created by the Restaurant:Impossible team

We had never dined at Joe Willy’s before, so we cannot tell you if the changes made are an improvement.  The interior caught us by surprise…in a great way. From the outside, it does not look special at all.  It looked like a generic white building that needed something to make it pop.    That ends though as soon as you walk in the front door.  It’s funky and original.  The colors are awesome and the textures and accents drew us in.  We especially loved the bar and the fish skeleton on the wall adjacent from it.  It immediately felt to us like a fun place to visit.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was very lax.  It was a Sunday night, kind of late (around 7pm), so the dinner crowd was heading out.  We were just about the only people inside.   There was some loud talking from the bar area.  I believe it was the owner of the establishment.  There seemed to be some locals seated near there, and it was nice to see that the owner was out in the dining room connecting to his patrons.

The service was pretty quick and our server was friendly and attentive.  We ordered appetizers from the new menu Robert Irvine from Restaurant Impossible put together.  I ordered crab cakes and Aimee had clam chowder. She thought the chowder was creamy, thick and tasty. The crab cake was great!  Crunchy on the outside, warm on the inside with a little kick of heat. The corn remoulade sauce complemented it very well.

For the main course, I ordered fish and chips.  It was fresh cod that was friend in beer batter. I added shrimp to my order and they were beer battered as well.  It was accompanied by a side of steak fries, slaw, and tartar sauce. The fish and shrimp tasted fresh and the batter was fried just right.  The tartar sauce was very good, and I do not usually eat tartar sauce, so that is saying something!  The only downside is that I thought  the beer batter needed a touch of salt.   My wife thought the Penne ala Vodka was great.  She said the shrimp was fresh and perfectly cooked.

Overall, Joe Willy’s is a nice place for dinner.  I do wish we had visited before the renovation so we could give you a better idea of how much it has improved since Restaurant Impossible took over.   I hope from our observations that it will give you an idea of what they are all about now.  Please check out their website and see the pictures for yourself and stop in for a bite and try it out!


Foodies 101 husband and wife columnists Aimee & Kevin Ellis came to our attention when they guest blogged for HVRW Fall 2012 for the first time.   By day they both work in customer service & sales but in their downtime they love to travel, try new restaurants and experiment with recipes in their own kitchen.  They strive to support small and local businesses and really enjoy blogging about their experiences.   With Kevin being an adventurous eater and Aimee being picky, they form an honest, unique and curious voice that will easily allow you to go along with them for the ride.    They blog at Eats and Treats.  You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.




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