Coming Soon: Mambo 64 in Tuckahoe…A Restaurant with a Latin Twist!


Mis queridos amigos, on Friday, in my Tomatillo post, I wrote about how the spring is a great time to try new things—like new foods—and more. Well, my friends, in the spirit of trying something new, and of practicing what I preach, I have an announcement: as of May 1st, I’m the proud chef/proprietor of a restaurant, Mambo 64!

Did you hear that deep sigh? Seriously, I’m very excited (and, of course, nervous—but focusing more on excitement). How did I get here? Well, those of you who know me know that this is a part something-I’ve-always-wanted-to-do kind of thing, and part time-is-right-now decision! (Another deep sigh, here!)

Mambo Poster for design Reference Ruth Brown, Another Inspiration! (And I will have this poster on display in the restaurant!)

Why Mambo 64? Well, the name comes from two different things: my cocktail book— and my address! As some of you know, my first solo cocktail/tapas book,  is Mambo Mixers. Both this book, and my next one, remain great influences on my culinary life, and now on my menus! Also, I love the sound of mambo—both the word and the music—and also love the dance, and the festive image it conjures up!  Sixty-four is the street number; I’ll be located at 64 Main Street, in the lovely village of Tuckahoe, New York. We hope to open before the end of the month! Yay!

Now, many of you also know that this locale was the acclaimed restaurant of my dear friend and mentor—and the chef with whom I penned four cookbooks,  chef Rafael Palomino. Rafael—and his Bistro Latino Tuckahoe  partner, Alex Vanegas, will be moving their operation to another local village, Larchmont. Of course that location will also be lovely. And I hope that their beloved customers will come and savor the new treats located at their old haunt!

My friends, like all things in this lovely life we have, it’s been a  roller coaster of an adventure, and will continue to be one. I will, of course, continue with my Latin Twist, Small Bites column, sharing Latin-influenced recipes and more.

BUT in the meantime, well, Sunday is Cinco de Mayo! What does that mean? Time for margaritas, por supuesto, of course! Here is my recipe for you!


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Maybe it was the dinner parties my mom always threw—or the hours I spent prepping and cooking alongside her (and then on my own!). Or maybe it was array of fabulous dishes that my family sampled in New York City’s richly diverse restaurants, but I’ve loved creating, savoring, and sharing food for as long as I can remember. Living in Spain, and later in Peru, also greatly influenced my life. These years abroad taught me Spanish—and about living in different countries--but also introduced me to teaching English as a second language, which I’ve done—mostly in the US-- for the past 20-plus (yikes!) years. I’ve authored two cocktail/tapas books, Mambo Mixers and Calypso Coolers, coauthored more than 15 others (mostly food related!), and raised two children. Now I'm chef and owner of my own restaurant, Mambo 64 in Tuckahoe, New York. My message is the same, whether I'm teaching, writing, running the restaurant or being a regular guest on the Spanish-language network Telemundo (on the morning show, Buenos Días Nueva York!). My belief in food—and the power of food—is far reaching, and is married with another one: the power of stories. I’m sure that if we could all sit down and have meals together, sharing both tastes and tales, we’d have peace on earth. Enjoy!


  1. Patrice costa on

    Congratulations my friend! Wishing you all the best on your new endeavor. Follow your dream!

  2. Donna Monaco Olsen on

    Thrilled at the news! I can’t wait to hear of your successes. I am so excited for you! Salud!

  3. Paula Dornburgh on

    I’m so proud of you! Can’t wait to make a toast to you with a delicious margarita. Hugs and best wishes.

  4. Arlen Gargagliano on

    Thank you all for your comments, and you know I’m saving you all seats at the bar (or, okay, at the tables if you prefer!!!). I appreciate your support–and can’t wait to share Mambo 64 with you! xoxo

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