#Freedom Brewery coming soon to Buchanan



Owners: Barry Hansen, joined by eight friends and business partners.

The space: Strictly wholesale to start (that means no tasting room), as long as they stay below the annual 60,000 barrel threshold.

What’s on tap: Unalienable Rights, a pale ale made entirely from U.S. grown ingredients, is subtly hopped in three stages to produce a unique flavor with below average bitterness, light citrus aroma and crisp finish. The Berry Amendment is a medium-bodied amber ale with a delicious infusion of mixed berries.

Backstory: Pronounced “hashtag freedom,” this brewery is the brainchild of Hansen, a biomedical engineer currently working in food manufacturing. He started down the homebrewing path while earning a double master’s degree in Australia. His beers were so popular with friends, he couldn’t keep his hobby under wraps. “It got to the point where if I produced any more I would be breaking the law in terms of volume of product,” says Hansen. He assembled his own brewing dream team, made of friends and undergraduate roommates, who all bring a different set of skills, like marketing, Web development and professional brewing. “I wanted to pair up with people from a variety of backgrounds to make sure the business is successful, not just the beer.”

Where you’ll find it: Currently waiting for their licenses to be processed so distribution can begin. “We’ll be self-distributing to independently owned stores, none of the chains,” says Hansen. “We want to go to the smaller spaces that understand our brand and want to sell our brand.”

Details: http://freedombrew.us, 3199 Albany Post Road, Buchanan, 914-979-2337, Contact: brewmaster@ freedombrew.us; Twitter: @FREEDOMbrew; Facebook: Freedom Craft Brewery


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Megan McCaffrey is a food writer for The Journal News and contributor to the Small Bites Blog. She has a degree in Digital Media from Fordham University and a fondness for good craft beer. She loves to bake, read cooking blogs and taste all the Lower Hudson Valley has to offer. Megan lives in Ridgefield, Connecticut with her husband and three kids.

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  1. I don’t get the comment “We’ll be self-distributing to independently owned stores, none of the chains”…seems like a mistake to miss being in, say, Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar in Cortlandt.

    Small breweries need exposure if their product is good.

    Best wishes with success in the very tough and expensive Westchester County.

    Steve K, Cortlandt

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