New Meat Labels: Complete Pork and Beef Names List


new meat labels

Say goodbye to the plain old pork chop. It’s now the more regal porterhouse. Bid farewell to Boston butt; it’s now — thankfully — known as Boston roast.

Just in time for Memorial Day grilling, there are new meat labels for some of your favorite cuts of beef and pork.

To make selecting meats easier, and with the hope that improved branding will boost sales, the meat and pork industries have come up with more than 350 new names for such cuts as boneless shoulder top blade steak (it becomes a flat iron) and beef under blade boneless steak (now a Denver steak).

The updated labels will be found at every grocery store, and will feature three written lines: the new name, the anatomical description, and basic suggested cooking instructions, like “grill for best results.”

Click here for the full story on, complete with expert advice on how to cook various cuts and what to serve them with.

Stanley and Mark Lobel, for a story about new meat labels

Here are the links to the complete list of new beef and pork names.

Pork Names List

Beef Names List




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