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I had the good fortune of spending come time over the last couple of weeks in the Pacific Northwest, first in Portland, OR for the Vida Vegan Conference(a vegan blogger’s conference) and then to spend a few days in Seattle, WA. I had a great time eating my way through my travels with delicious vegan foods! I also met and connected with lots of great people. It was a great time, but like all vacations, it had to end.

The good news is, there’s a lot to love about vegan food and vegan bloggers in the Lower Hudson Valley!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- if you want to meet some vegans, vegetarians, and veg-friendly folks, come join us in the Westchester Veggie EatUP group! Meetups happen at least once a month, and there’s a lot of friendly faces in the group. Conversation around the table is always interesting!

But beyond that, where are some places you can go for a good plant-based meal? While we don’t have a plethora of all-vegan restaurants in the Lower Hudson Valley (as far as I know, we have Jolo’s and Andy’s Pure Foods, both of which you should check out) we have a number of very vegan-friendly omni restaurants.

Here’s some of my favorites!

Sweet Grass Grill, Tarrrytown

Home of the monthly Veggie Meetup in part due to its Meatless Mondays (many of which are vegan Mondays), Sweet Grass has a number of vegan options, including desserts! The menu changes seasonally, and right now, they are working with a vegan consulting chef to bring even more plant-based dishes to their menu! That is exciting! If I had the time and the money, I’d probably eat there at least once a week.


From my most recent meal at Sweet Grass- Indonesian Style Fried Tempeh with Peanut Sauce. Yum!

Haven, Pleasantville

One of my predecessor JL’s favorites, Haven has a number of great vegan options! It’s a place I should most definitely visit more often. I had a great meal when I went during restaurant week! There’s quite a few options for vegans, with the word vegan prominently on the menu, which always makes me happy.

Myong, Mount Kisco

Another restaurant I should visit more often- Myong. The menu doesn’t always reflect vegan dishes, but says right on it that the restaurant is able to accommodate vegan diners. When I went, the meal was fantastic! And Myong is very friendly, a big plus!

Lalibela, Mount Kisco

Ethiopian food is a real treat. Go with a veggie friend, and you get to share your meal on a large injera! You get to eat with your hands, too! Very fun times there, and delicious food that you won’t find in other types of restaurants. Did I mention you get to eat with your hands?


Tear of the bread from the bottom, and eat with your hands- Ethiopian food is fun!

There’s more choices all over the Lower Hudson Valley, and so many places that look vegan friendly I want to try too, so I hope to be writing about many more restaurants in the future! And I’m always looking for suggestions, so if you think somewhere is really plant-friendly please leave a comment!

My vacation wasn’t just about the vegan food though- vegan blogs were a big part, too! So check out these ones from the Lower Hudson valley!

What Megan Eats
Vegan Dance if You Want to
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And of course, don’t forget former I Eat Plants columnist JL Fields at JL Goes Vegan. Speaking of which, she has a book coming out next month, and she’ll be back in the area to teach a cooking class- check it out!

Happy vegan eating and reading!


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I Eat Plants columnist Jodie Deignan went vegetarian in 2004 and fully committed to veganism in 2007. By day she’s a psychiatric nurse practitioner and by night she spends a lot of time cooking delicious vegan food for herself and her friends. She’s a bit of a picky eater, with a special distaste for mushrooms, seaweed, raw tomatoes, and eggplant, though she’s discovered along the way she’s a little more open-minded than she once thought. She blogs at The Picky Vegan.

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