MK Diary: How Hard Could It Be?


I was struck quite speechless (and believe me that takes some doing) during a recent conversation with someone about working in a restaurant.  With no culinary experience (or talent), they professed plans of one day opening a restaurant because “no offense, how hard could it be?”  I know that Nick Di Bona would have a few opinions on that statement since the interior space at Madison Kitchen is just starting to come together.

During my visit a little over a week ago, I wasn’t the only curious spectator.  I was delighted that chef Jonathan Pratt of Peter Pratt’s Inn in Yorktown popped in to see what was going on in his former executive chef’s new digs.

Jon Pratt and Nick Di Bonachefs Jon Pratt and Nick Di Bona

Well, the walls are finally up and the way cool fireplace has been installed. Nick has promised to keep me posted on the first fireplace lighting, which I think wouldn’t be complete without some toasted marshmallows (and maybe chocolate and graham crackers, too).  Nick, always one creative step ahead, is already planning to blend those flavors into a decadent s’mores cocktail.

Madison Kitchen bar area construction

Nick was excited to show us the start of the installation of small slate tiles that will extend across the wall behind the bar and dining room entryway.

Madison Kitchen slate tiles Madison Kitchen wall of tile

Floating ceilings have been built out in both the bar and dining room, and will be covered with wood beams, adding a rustic texture and an earthy touch.

Madison Kitchen floating ceiling

Being the new kid on the Larchmont block, Nick’s been making some interesting friends in his neighborhood like Ben Aiello at Auray Gourmet.  This lovely French cafe and gourmet shop offers a spectacular selection of 150 fine cheeses, meats, and charcuterie.  Looks like Madison Kitchen will be in good company because this cafe was the perfect spot to go for a quick lunch and snap some foodie pics (of course).

auray gourmet collage

Over our warm and toasty crepes, Nick and I shared a few giggles over my recent conversation of “how hard could it be [to open a restaurant]“.  On the way home, still mentally shaking my head about it, I remembered a comment a mutual friend posted on Nick’s Facebook page about the restaurant opening  — “So, how does it feel to give birth?”  With Madison Kitchen’s labor pains coming fast and furious, here was the perfect answer to explain exactly how hard it can be.


The 411 on Madison Kitchen
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Website: (under construction)
Facebook: Madison Kitchen Larchmont (follow their page for more updates on the grand opening)



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