7 Random Kitchen Gadgets That Are Ridiculous, Yet Strangely Alluring


We’ve all got them. The random kitchen gadget that was either a gift or purchased in a moment of weakness, and now sits in the forgotten depths of a kitchen cabinet, undoubtedly missing a few crucial accessories.

What is it about the random kitchen gadget that draws us in? Some part of the allure lies in the hope that yes, we could totally make our own waffle cones. The second part— and probably the most common marketing angle for such products— is “convenience.” Think of the time I’ll save if I don’t have to manually core avocados!

Here are a few of our favorite random kitchen gadgets from around the web, with enough allure and time-saving potential for the culinary wizard we all think we are.

Ridiculous? Probably. Fair warning, you might be tempted to throw away that mango slicer and make some room in the kitchen cabinet.

Chef’n Banana Slicer, $9.95. Ever feel like the banana slices going into your cereal are just not uniform enough?

 banana slicer

Kitchen Art Ham Dogger, $10.18. Makes hot dog shaped hamburger patties. Think of the possibilities.

ham dogger

Chef’s Choice Waffle Cone Maker and Holder Gift Set, $69.95. Really though, we could totally make our own waffle cones.

waffle cone

One Click Butter Cutter, $14.95 (or two for $11.98!)

butter cutter

Microwave Omelet Cooker, $14.99. Honestly, this one is intriguing.

 microwave omelet cooker

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker, $29.99. Just like Mom used to make. Mom, of course, being your local deli.

breakfast sandwich maker

Egg Cracker, $4.80. If you can’t crack an egg, you actually might not be the culinary wizard you imagine. However, this could actually be useful for cooking with small children intent on doing the cracking.

egg cracker



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