8 Tips to Make Your Instagram Feed Mouthwatering


Between blogs, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, everybody’s a food photographer these days. But not everyone is a good food photographer.

It doesn’t take much, though, to make your food photos appetizing. Just consider different angles, lighting and composition. Since taking food photos is part of our job, we’re all for helping advance the art form.

We’ve picked the brains of some professionals to help you become a better food photographer. Here is their advice.

Tip 1: Play with angles in finding best composition.

instagram window

Tip 2: Use a window for natural lighting. For an impromptu reflector, hang a white napkin over two glasses.

Tip 3: Lacking natural light? Use lighting apps on your smart phone for extra lighting.

Tip 4: Utilize your apps. Try the iPhone and Hipstamatic App to take shots of favorite drinks, entrees or desserts. Hipstamatic ($1.99) released a pack called the “Foodie SnapPak designed to make your iPhone food shots look great. It creates a shallow depth of field so that there’s some dimension to an otherwise flat smartphone shot.

instagram app
Tip 5: Don’t be afraid of the close-up. The folks at photojojo.com suggest you “fill the frame with the food, so the viewer can almost taste it.”
instagram close up
Tip 6: Play with focus and depth of field. Shooting at a lower angle and using shallow apertures can really isolate your subject from the background, say the folks at digital-photography-school.com. It works especially well with a number of food items in a row.
instagram focus
Tip 7: Try an action shot. Food prep, even tableside presentation, can make a shot more interesting. Here: the lobster pot pie at the restaurant Acadia in Chicago.
instagram action shot
Tip 8: Think about composition and background. A whole fish on a bar is more interesting than a piece of fish on a plate.
instagram fish

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