MK Diary: It’s Getting So Close


Madison Kitchen’s opening is almost here!  Checking in last week with chef Nick Di Bona, he shared not only what’s been going on but also what’s left to do before the doors (finally!) open the first week of September.

He was so excited to show off the one-of-a-kind pewter bar top which was just installed.  It’s so cool how the the Edison bulb fixtures hanging above reflect in the shiny pewter creating a radiant glow.
MK pewter bar top
MK Bar Hanging Edison

All these design elements come together to work beautifully with the wall of natural stone behind the bar.

MK Front of bar

Taking a look into the dining room, the wood ceilings and the modern circular pendant lights are just the beginning to a warm and inviting space.

MK dining room

The center of the room is temporarily being used to store some of the new kitchen equipment like two 6-burner Baker’s Pride ranges (that’s 12, count ’em 12, burners waiting patiently to be fired up), a pizza oven (just begging to cook up one of Nick’s pizzettes),

MK Baker's pride pizza oven2

or the Coldelite ice cream maker (did I mention that all the frozen treats will be made in house?).

MK ice cream machine

What will clearly be the focal point of the dining room are the two custom made banquettes.  One wraps around the whole left side of the dining room, making it extremely versatile for tables to be moved together or apart to accommodate a table for two or a party of six.

MK wraparound banquette

The second banquette is located at the very back of the restaurant and has an eye-catching semi-circular design and a seven foot back.  Let’s just call it “Patrice’s Table” since I’ve already staked a claim for this comfy, cozy nook with a sweeping view of the entire dining room.  It’s the ideal spot for me and a few of my closest friends to enjoy Madison Kitchen’s menu.

MK round banquette

Comfort is foremost in Nick’s mind for his dining room, and the tufted benches of the banquettes and soft padded chairs totally hit the mark.

MK comfy chairs

Not everyone can be fortunate enough to realize their life dream so early in life (or ever for that matter).  Nick doesn’t really think it’s luck; it’s just where he is suppose to be.  From the time he was a small boy, he loved going to restaurants.  As Nick tells it, he was that cute little kid who ran around to all the tables pretending he owned the place.  All grown up, that “kid” no longer has to pretend to own a restaurant – Madison Kitchen is all his.  So, when you come in to have dinner and chef Nick Di Bona steps out of the kitchen to say hello, think of that little boy who’s living out his dream and is now exactly where he’s supposed to be.


The 411 on Madison Kitchen
7 Madison Avenue, Larchmont
Website: (under construction)
Facebook: Madison Kitchen Larchmont (follow their page for more updates on the grand opening)


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