Spices and Seasons – Mini Masala Trail – Yaranush in White Plains


IMG_1788Yaranush was one of the first local spice shops around when I had moved to the county about 14 years ago. I still remember my delight in discovering the shop!

Back then, there was less by way of international influences, all across the food scene in Westchester and spice stores and supplies were no exception.

I was delighted to have found a store that stocked essential spices as well as some convenience products. I loved the assortment of mid-eastern products like suman and bulgur, since these were outside the realm of the regular Indian grocery store.

Over time, however with getting in and out of the city more, proliferation of other stores, and the somewhat antiseptic behavior of the store owner all culminated together in removing this store from my list.

This week, I was back after a while to cover the store for our spice shop series.



I have to tell you that it is always a good idea to visit an old stop, because you just might be ready to try it again. The store is immaculately kept, unfortunately, the open spice displays are a thing of the past, but they have been replaced with rows and containers of well marked and measured spices.


The spices are easy to find and organized in what I would consider a logical manner. In fact, it would be fair to say that the entire store is organized in a very logical manner, grain selections like bulgur and lentils along the walls.


Spices along the shelves and items like tahini, jams and preserves all marked together. They also have a selection of homemade prepared products like spinach pies, baklava and lavash breads.


A selection of cookbooks that will bring me back to the store for sure, I left with poppy seeds, suman, tahini, green cardamoms and bulgur and pine nuts.

IMG_1785IMG_1785 IMG_1786

I also loved the fact that I could leave with lunch for all of us while spice shopping.


I have learnt how to make grape leaves with all the grape leaves that we have growing in the yard. I will share my recipe and steps with you next week. Until then, I encourage you to visit Yaranush, as here is another store that will keep you safely away from New York City and fill your spice supplies to the hilt.


322 Central Park Ave

White Plains, NY 10606

914 682 8449


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