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Hi everyone! Despite, offiBhavikcially still being summer the weather has been quite fall-like. Yes, believe it or not, fall does not start until the 22nd! However, the seasons are shifting, and even the squashes in the garden have been feeling the change, however, it is time for bell peppers in the garden, we have them in all colors and in gay profusion.

I am still doing the Westchester Spice Trail, or the mini-masala series. I have so far made stops at Shiraz, H-Mart, and Yaranush and today’s stop is at Bhavik Indian groceries. See, we have so many options for spice shopping, so there really is not excuse for you not to start spicing up your table.

Bhavik Grocery has been one of the staples in my spice shopping life ever since I have moved to the county. Of course, if you know how much action happens with spices in my kitchen, we are talking a lot of visits. It has taken me a lot of organization, to make these trips less frequent, not because I do not like visiting the store, but I think with some planning I can certainly save on grocery shopping time.

This Indian grocery store has expanded to its current digs a couple of years ago, offering a well stocked store and organized store where you can get you most of your Indian grocery essentials. The store also offers fun seasonal items like spice teas, herbal shampoos and hair dyes and cards and ethnic style candies. Some of this makes for fun items in a stocking stuffer and if creatively assembled, they can also work well with gift baskets.

At Bhavik

Well organized offer you ethnic fresh spices, both whole and powders and a wonderful selection of grains. Incidentally, the have a great selection of gluten-free flours, they are just not quite labelled that way. But, if you are looking for options to wheat, you will find rice flour, buckwheat and millet as options. Yes, they have whole wheat flour, too!


Indian cooking also uses a lot of fresh aromatics and herbs, such as curry leaves, ginger, green chilies and coriander leaves. In fact, if you look at my recipes it is quite obvious that I am very dependent of these aromatics.

Indian Pickles

Along with the spices and aromatics, the store stocks a great collection of condiments and pre-packaged frozen foods, such as frozen naans, frozen curries and lunches. In fact, some people visit the store just to check out their convenience food section. I have to say, that this store is probably one of the best stocked spice stores in this part of the county.

So, I picked up curry leaves that I have told you about here, to pair with loads of bell pepper in a very flavorful egg curry that uses a lot of lovely yellow bell peppers.

If you want to check out Bhavik Groceries, here is the 411

Bhavik Groceries

130 E Main St
Elmsford, NY 10523
(914) 592-8086



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