Spices and Seasons – #Mini Masala Crawl – Mana Groceries and Little Spice Bazaar


IMG_1696The last few weeks have been a lot a fun for me. As you know I have been exploring spice stores in the area. I am sure that there are probably many more stores than what I have been able to cover. I am sure I will bump into them as the days go by and I  look forward to covering them for you as I find them.

With fall having officially started, it is definitely time for more spice in your world.

To check out some of the spice options, this is what I have already covered, Shiraz, Bhavik, H-Mart, Yaranush  and today’s post about Mana Groceries and Little Spice Bazaar, is the final installment in this series.

This week’s destinations are a little more compact than some of the others I have covered in the series, and may not quite be as comprehensive as some of the other stops that I have made, but the fun part of small stores is the amount of personalized attention that you get while shopping.

The first stop on today’s route was Mana Groceries, in New Rochelle, NY located right off Main Street. This store reminds me  a lot of the old store that used to be Bhavik groceries. Very servicable and contains most of your essentials, I was surprised to see how much can be organized in a relatively small shop. I went down the list and indeed I was able to spot most essentials, rice, spices, lentils, condiments and a small section for fresh vegetables. Speaking of lentils, the next segment will be all about lentils and how we cook them in our Indian kitchen. With the weather turning cooler, there are very few things more comforting than a nice bowl of chili or fresh sunshine bright yellow lentils with rice. But, I digress, you can probably tell that I am thinking of lunch.

While visiting Mana, since I had stopped by to really peruse things, I did not pick up a whole load of stuff. The owner seemed very concerned and inquired whether I was looking for anything in particular, an example of the personalized attention that I was speaking of earlier.

IMG_1699This exchange actually made me realize that while they cannot always keep everything around, it is sometimes worth talking to the people at the counter to see if they will get it for you.

The second destination for today is actually a fun spot, where you can get a quick bite and stock up of a few things while you are at it. The spot in concern is the Little Spice Bazaar in Mount Kisco. The selections in this little shop is relatively small, in fact, it is closer to a gift or novelty spice shop rather than the serious spice shoppers, one stop shop but I personally think that this is the intention. I liked their selection of loose teas and also liked the fact that they had some loose spices on display allowing you to see the spices clearly before you shopped.

Little Spice Bazaar does have  a secret weapon that will drag you there. The shop is located amidst a series of fun shops in the “Little” Series, so if you want to visit you can get some good Indian food from Little Kabab Station or some crepes and lassis that are essential fast food Indian style to fortify you.

This week, I have added in one last eggplant recipe, before I switch full gears to falls and the Indian festive season. If you want to take a peek at one of my classes and how I feature spices there, you can check out this post. Interestingly, enough, this couple was actually from Mt. Kisco so I spent a few minutes chatting about Little Spice Bazzaar and of course, answering my very favorite question – Where do I get my spices?

The general information on the two stores covered today,

Mana Groceries

642 Main St,

New Rochelle, NY 10801

Little Spice Bazaar

27 E Main Street

Mount Kisco, New York



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