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Megan McCaffrey is a food writer for The Journal News and contributor to the Small Bites Blog. She has a degree in Digital Media from Fordham University and a fondness for good craft beer. She loves to bake, read cooking blogs and taste all the Lower Hudson Valley has to offer. Megan lives in Ridgefield, Connecticut with her husband and three kids.


  1. Daniel Sullivan on

    Hi my name is Dan Sullivan. I am the former owner of Southbound BBQ. I am looking to get in touch with Liz Johnson regarding an idea that I think she may be interested in for an article. Liz you can reach out to me at 914-769-2000 if you would like to hear my idea. Thanks

  2. Southern Tier Beer Dinner, Monday, December 15th
    5 Courses/5 Drafts 7 pm
    Comedy Night, Friday, December 19th 9pm
    Upcoming events for Memphis Mae’s and would love to invite Liz Johnson!!!

    Thank you

  3. Diana McCormack on

    I’m looking for the cookie recipe article (circa Liz Johnson) back in 2005 (possibly another year). It has the BEST recipes…there were pignolis, spritzers (?)Chinese chews (this one may have been a different year). 7-layer; chocolate crinkles…jolly bells? (they had candied green and red maraschino cherries on top…so cute. cleaned out recipes over the summer, and I think the article (still in tact!) was mistakenly recycled by husband. I’m desparate to find it…I’ll pay for the archive, but I was unsuccessful in finding it. This had red heading/text with a red bow…and all the pictures of the cookies in the newspaper were in color…it was amazing.

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