Spices and Seasons – Triple Herb Seafood Stew with White Wine


IMG_9518Tripple Herb Seafood StewFriday nights in our household often feature seafood and a late meal. Usually, something my husband and I enjoy after we the kids are in bed. Some of this is because of planning, it is night to spend a little quite time together without making a big deal about it, and some of it is just around more practical reasons. I like to take care of loose errands, even sometimes squeeze in a swin before I get home on Fridays, making it a later start in the kitchen. I however, enjoy kitchen time just way too much, to give up on it on a wind down day. So, what does fish and seafood have to do with winding down and late evenings?

Nothing much, really except that husband and I both enjoy seafood, and I love the way it effortless responds to delicate flavors!

Today’ stew is a brothy, spicy and well flavored stew lined with white wine and bits of colorful golden corn. The corn adds texture to the dish and some brightness and fresh color. Of course, this time of the year, I use frozen organic corn, but have made variations of this stew in summer, and tender and young corn on the cob would be lovely. If you like it heartier, you can add in diced potatoes, I think you get the picture.  No, real rules about what to use by way of a wine, but ideally it should be something that you are happy to drink, after all, what can be more fun than drinking while you cook. In terms of the seafood and fish medley, I have kept it simple with just a little shrimp, some firm and fresh cod and little neck clams. All were wild caught varieties, which is about the only thing that I insist on here, when it comes to fish. I personally think, if your fish is fresh it is a great showcase for the delicate base of white wine, organic crushed tomatoes and three varieties of herbs that I incorporated with just a hint of red pepper and black pepper. I think you can vary and play around with the herbs, that you use, but I used a mixture of thyme, cilantro and oregano.


One of the things that I struggle, with in winter is finding and working with tomatoes. While we stay away from canned tomatoes in our household, I have not always had a lot of luck with finding jarred or tetrapack varieties that simulate natural flavors. This week, I tried Eden Natural’s jarred tomatoes that I found at the Mrs. Greens and I have to say, that I think I found a winner. All things considered, the pricing is not unreasonable either. Now, back to this stew, it paired well with some crusty whole wheat toast, and actually some red wine to drink with. Well, if the groundhog is to be believed, it looks like we are in for a long winter, with snow early in the week to prove it, so here is a comfort dish and several more coming down the pike to keep you warm and toasty until spring is on its way home.





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