Bread and Milk are OK, But (Rock) Salt Supplies are Dwindling at Local Markets. What’s on Your Must-Buy List?


Every time it snows a few inches, there’s a contagious panic by consumers to stock up on bread and milk, fearing we’ll all be stranded inside for a week. But the biggest supermarket seller this week is not even edible.

DeCicco’s Markets and Stew Leonard’s are both reporting driveway salt as the hottest commodity in the “calm” before a snow storm.

“We will probably run out today at the rate we’re going,” says Stew Leonard’s Yonkers store manager Elba Rivera. “Someone came in this morning and bought 25 boxes.” And according to Frank DeCicco, president of DeCicco Family Markets, salt supplies are dwindling and it doesn’t look like any more is coming today.

“We tried to order extra but sometimes deliveries are late, and today no one is even delivering.”

 While salt is likely to remain the top seller as the third snow of the week creeps closer, DeCicco says people are also stocking up on groceries in large quantities, specifically chicken.

“The day before the snow we just couldn’t keep up with the meat case,” he says. “We only have so much help, and the crowds were tremendous.”

What is on your must-buy list in before a big snow? Let us know in the comments below.

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