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This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to have brunch at Recologie in New Rochelle.  Now, if you’ve walked by their storefront, you’re probably wondering how it is that I ate there- it looks like an artsy store.  Look in the window and you’ll see things like scarves and necklaces.  So really, I’m sure you’re really wondering about this- but it is also a small cafe.

I got to go as part of the Westchester Veggie EatUp group, as this was a special brunch hosted for the group.  Right now, Recologie’s Vistro Cafe doesn’t serve brunch, just a very small cafe menu.  They are hoping to open up a full service restaurant this summer though, and I’m hoping that they’re able to!

After starting off with bean dip and green juice, brunch was served buffet style:  lasagna, green beans with mushrooms, fennel, green apple and cranberry salad, and a bean and cactus breakfast burrito.

recologie green juice


Green juice and bean dip.  Not part of the same dish!

If you’re interested in trying a green juice, this is a great one to start with.  Definitely a lot of apple in this juice- it was quite sweet, and a great introduction to drinking green!

recologie buffet meal


Lasagne; green beans with mushroom; fennel, green apple and cranberry salad; breakfast burrito. 

I loved, loved, loved the lasagna.  In fact, I loved all the food, except for the green beans with mushrooms, but that’s because I don’t like mushrooms.  Can’t fault Recologie for using something I don’t like!

recologie chocolate covered persimmon

Chocolate covered persimmons on grilled baguette.

I highly recommend this combination for dessert.  I know you can’t go wrong with chocolate, but it was really nice with the persimmons.  Pay no attention to the completely cleaned off plate in the background.  People weren’t leaving any food behind!


Not pictured, but I also brought home some of their gluten free vegan cookies, which were light and crispy.  Not what you might expect when you hear vegan and gluten free in the same name!

I was a big fan of the food from this brunch, and would look forward to trying a larger menu in the future!  Of note, Recologie does not carry an entirely vegan menu, though everything is at least vegetarian.  Everything for the brunch was vegan, however.  If you decide to do some shopping, again, not all the products they carry are vegan, but they are fair trade/sustainable products, mostly of recycled/upcycled materials.

I look forward to seeing their dining offerings grow!


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