HVRW Spring 2014 – Sonora in Port Chester


IMG_0096We love Sonora, its rustic décor and vibrant vibe! It has been a while we have been there, as it tends to be a little further than our usual 10 mile radius. I was glad that HVRW nudged us and got us to get over. Located in a unlikely spot, the restaurant beckons with its red an white exterior. As you walk in I love the butterflies on the wall!. These are fake and if you get close by you notice, but from a distance looking in I quite like the effect.

Chances are not too many people head into a laid back Sunday brunch obsessing about details like the butterflies, but then for me with food it is all about details and balance, something that Sonora delivers with perfection!


Sunday is brunch day at Sonora, we were greeted promptly and offered both the restaurant week menus and their regular menus. The kids picked off the lunch specials while we worked with the restaurant week menus. There were at least four options for the appetizer and main course categories, with two choices when we were down to dessert. We were first greeted with a lovely basket of arepas, cheese puffs and mini muffins while we worked on our choices.


Anshul started with their ceviche and I ordered the pork tacos to start with. The kids love guacamole so, they began with a serving size of that. They are thrilled when the guacamole is brought to them tableside and mixed for them, and our server did this with efficiency and pomp.


The ceviche was a delicate salmon ceviche, with notes of pomegranate and mango! Tart, but not overly so, the fish had just enough texture and flavor.


As for the tacos, the meat was just amazing! Tender and perfectly seasoned. The dipping sauce was a little milder than I would like, I think I could go with a little heat. But, again kids were thrilled. They settled for the Huevos rancheros, and I chose the Bronzini  that came with a side of a latin style risotto and Anshul ordered the paella.


Now, at this point we ended up suddenly waiting for almost 20 minutes. Now I do realize that these dishes were indeed done fresh as was evident from the taste, but it did feel like an awfully long wait between the courses. Although every magical bite of my dish, made me for the wait. The risotto complemented the fish perfectly and the drizzled balsamic reduction was pure genius. It will be this dish that will bring me back to Sonora very soon.


The paella was beautiful, with just tender shrimp and plump mussels and clams and bits of chorizo thrown in for good measure. The rice in this dish was just a little more al dente than I usually like in my paella, but did add a nice light touch.


We tried both the desserts. The flourless chocolate cake was rich and not overly sweet. This one had everyone else’s vote. We all loved the edible spoons.


I am a cheesecake kind of girl. And this Dulche De Leche cheesecake with the guava drizzle was my kind of dessert. I dislike overly sweet desserts, I feel that they do not let the other flavors shine. In this instance, both these treats hit the sweet notes perfectly!

So, if you are looking for a restaurant to add to your restaurant week travels, this might or should be on your list. Just plan a little extra time to enjoy an unhurried dining experience.


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