LoHud Hot Dog Tour – The Renegade: Dobbs Dawg House, Dobbs Ferry


*Hot dogs are sort of the last vestige of cheap, gooood eats. From BBQs to beachside to ball games, they’re arguably the quintessential summer food and our region has no shortage of iconic places to find ‘em. With a toddler in tow, I’m on a kid-friendly quest to taste the best of the best.  

There’s hot dogs… and then there’s hot DAWGS.

The former is and American institution, smothered with mustard, perhaps some sauerkraut if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. A BBQ standard, a staple at ballparks, & maybe even your Mom’s “Back to the Grind” Monday night dinner stand-by (ahem.) – hot DOGS are a classic. Hot DAWGS, however, are  a revelation.dobbs_dawg

Serving up three varieties of base dog – all beef, turkey & veggie – the options begin at first base and don’t stop there. Dawg House rounds second with a plethora of classic toppings – like onions, relish, several types of mustard – all available to add to your dog for free. Coming up on third are the $.25 additions which Dobbs calls “regular” and I call anything but. Choose from assortments labelled “Sauces/Cheeses”, “Crunchy” or “Veggies/Fruits”  which includes everything from cheddar cheese, potato chips, pickled ginger, wasabi cream to –wait fo

r it – chocolate sauce & the good Cap’n (Crunch) himself. Bringing it on home are the ante upping “Deluxe” & “Premium” topping options, ringing in at $.50 to $1 extra each and dishing out options like chili, mango relish & even a fried egg to sit bountifully atop your dawg.

You have the choice of going rogue and building your own dream dawg from their endless combination of toppings or going for one of their pre-conceived concoctions. My husband and I decided to leave our frankfurter fate in their capable hands and each picked a House Specialty Dawg. I went – a delightfully gluttonous – but safe route, selecting the melted cheese/potato chip smother Trailer Park dawg. Delicious frank, glorious cheese and the unmistakably perfect crunch of chips (which belong in everything, EVERYTHING I TELL YOU!) The hubz, however, went full Monty with the game changing PB&J dawg which is… exactly what it sounds like. He’s a risk taker and often there’s reward. We tried a turkey dog & some of their tots with our tot and the tots were absolutely cooked to perfection (the tater ones, that is, not our kiddo. She just wanted to sit on the bench outside and make faces at me through their front window as I shamelessly chowed down.)IMG_9466

While the indulgent options are abundant (I am DEFINITELY coming back for the Dawg Pound Tots – tater tots covered with melted cheese, bacon, scallions, jalapeños & topped with ranch dressing,) it’s the Dawg House’s unique & thoughtful combinations that make this joint a homerun.  Dawgs like the Sushi Dawg (Ginger soy mayo, wasabi cream, seaweed salad, pickled ginger & sesame seeds) and the Greek Salad Dawg (Kalamata olive puree, lettuce, diced onions, tomatoes, feta cheese & tzatziki sauce) are innovative, creative and unmatchable anywhere else.

Grand Slam, Dobbs. Grand Slam.

If You Go:

Dobbs Dawg House

25 Cedar St, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

(914) 693-5555


For their mobile food truck location, follow @DobbsDawgHouse  to see where they’re rolling out to next

-Christina Halpin


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