LoHud Hot Dog Tour – The Charmer: The 9W Filling Station, Palisades


*Hot dogs are sort of the last vestige of cheap, gooood eats. From BBQs to beachside to ball games, they’re arguably the quintessential summer food and our region has no shortage of iconic places to find ‘em. With a toddler in tow, I’m on a kid-friendly quest to taste the best of the best.  

And then you find one that just completely steals your heart. maddie_dog

I piled my kiddo & husband in to the car on a sunny Saturday & set off for parts unknown (Rockland).  It was the perfect day for this experiment  – had just rained the days leading up to it but was warm-but-not-too-warm, excellent day for eating al fresco. We tootled along 9W and drove until we discovered our destination, which can only be described as an oasis – an inviting hut surrounded by picnic tables & Adirondack chairs.

We chose a table under an umbrella & immediately began dreaming up our orders, which diners place at the window. Along with hot dogs, fries, sliders, etc. you can score beer & wine to enjoy with your food, all picnic style. Various dogs & sliders were immediately ordered up, alongside a large serving of their handcut fries (which come with a choice of dipping sauce when you choose a large order).  Whenever I see shortrib on the menu – in any form – I have to go for it, just have to. When I spied “The Pile Up” – two 3 oz short rib sliders smashed, seared & stacked with American cheese – I opted for that this time around. But the kiddo and the husband both went dog wild and graciously offered up bites of theirs. Oh. Boy. The Philly Dog my husband chose was a nice nod to the similarly named classic Sammy, but I loved that with just a dollop of cheddar & fried onions the dog wasn’t swimming in toppings. But the dogs alone – which is how my toddler went for it – was super tasty itself, like the best backyard dog you’ve ever had. 928567_1462487757327186_112590294_n

The joint is not much more than a hot dog stand – albeit an epic one – and other than a small stool area tucked tightly under its awning, offers no “indoor” space to sit. However The Filling Station shares space with the 9W Market, a larger, nearly adjoining nosh spot with a handful of indoor table & a vast menu.  Fresh sandwiches, pasta salads, even a full coffee bar graces the Market menu and their offerings are available as plates, deli-style takeout and catering.

Despite living a full Tappan Zee bridge away, I MAY have just found my family’s summer go-to for weekend lunch outings, I was THAT charmed.

If You Go:

The 9W Filling Station

243 Rt 9w

Palisades, New York  10964

T (845) 359-9000




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