I Eat Plants: Jalapeños, Radishes, Prune Plums and Oolong


Jalapeños, radishes, prune plums and oolong tea.

What do all those ingredients have in common?

I’ve been continuing to post for VeganMoFo- that’s the Vegan Month of Food, over on my own blog.  Over the weekend, the organizers for VeganMoFo had a Chopped contest.  I entered.

If you are a fan of Chopped, I’m sure that you know that you are given several ingredients that you must use, along with some other parameters.  For this challenge?

Jalapeños, radishes, prune plums and oolong tea.

Obviously it had to be a vegan dish, and it had to be an entree.

My entry?

I’m pretty pleased with it.

I was able to pick up the jalapeños, prune plums and radishes at the Chappaqua Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning, and set about making the dish on Sunday.  I love that the ingredients were ones that lend themselves so well to the season!

Like a few of the other contestants, I went with pickling the radishes and making the plums into a sauce.  Jalapeños were added to both.

With tempeh as my “protein,” as they say on all the cooking contests, I rounded out the dish with some butternut squash purée.  I made sure to use the radish greens, as well.  Oolong tea was infused into just about everything- it happened to be part of a chai blend, so the spices were nice throughout the dish.


Plum and Jalapeño Glazed Tempeh with Picked Radishes and Butternut Squash Purée

Plum and Jalapeño Glazed Tempeh with Picked Radishes and Butternut Squash Purée

This was a fairly complicated dish, but it was fun to make.  I’m sure that you could easily use tofu instead of tempeh, or seitan.  The sauce is quite spicy, but it blends well with the other components of the dish so that it’s not overpowering; feel free to cut back on the jalapeños. The pickle should be made well ahead of time, as it uses a hot vinegar solution and will need to cool.  The purée and the sauce can be made ahead of time as well.

I’m still waiting to hear how I did in the contest, but you should try your hand at this dish!  You can find the recipe here!


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