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Little Mumbai Market is a great place to get a vegan meal.  I had been ordering take out there for weeks before one of my colleagues wrote about it recently- and I feel remiss that I hadn’t yet written about it myself.

You see, they have seitan, my favorite vegan protein.  And they put it in a bowl with rice and a flavorful sauce, which is pretty much the best way to eat it (unless it’s in a sandwich.  Because seitan done right is awesome in a sandwich!).  I prefer the medium spicy madras sauce- spicy enough to get your attention, but not so spicy you can’t taste the rest of the meal.

seitan bowl

Seitan Bowl at Little Mumbai Market

Little Mumbai Market in Pleasantville offers several vegan dishes, including the seitan bowl.  Some of their crepes can also be made vegan, believe it or not.

The restaurant itself is cozy, and can be very busy at lunchtime (I’ve been to dinner as well, but I go on the early side).  Dining in and take out options are both available.  If you plan to order takeout, it’s best to call ahead, especially at lunch.  It’s a great place to order for a few people, as they have a number of choice that vegans and non vegans alike will love!

I have tried every one of their vegan smoothies, and they are all amazing!  Fruity, creamy and vegan- what’s not to love?  You can even get some greens thrown in if you so desire!

If you are a plant-based eater and near Pleasantville, please do yourself a favor and stop in and try some of their delicious vegan and vegetarian food.  I recently left my job in Pleasantville and won’t be getting there nearly as often, but I know that I will definitely be making an effort to stop into Little Mumbai Market anyway!





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