I Eat Plants: Pressure Cooking Part Deux


As promised, I attended JL Fields’ Pressure Cooking 101 class this past weekend.  I was not disappointed!  I also had the good fortune of picking up her book, and I am excited to use it.

As I mentioned in my last column, I’m not a stranger to the pressure cooker, but I am definitely looking for more variety in use of it.  After all, there is more to be made than plain beans, veggie broth and risotto!

Of course, you should make those too…

But I digress.

So what did I learn?

For one, I am definitely interested in an electric pressure cooker.  I have a stovetop model, and while there’s nothing wrong with it, I want the freedom of a pressure cooker that doesn’t need babysitting!

Two, like JL, I am a lazy cook.  This is partly why I have loved the slow cooker so much, but I’m thinking pressure may be where it’s at!  This is why I want a digital/electric pressure cooker.  Because they’re for lazy cooks!

Three, maybe I don’t hate mushrooms.  Not a pressure cooking thing per se, but a testament to JL’s recipes.

Which is why even if you couldn’t make her class, you should sill get a copy of her book.

So what did we make?

JL demonstrated two of her dishes, both featuring mushrooms:  Mushroom Rice and Umami Anasazi Beans.

Pressure Cooking in Motion

On the left, JL cooking away; top right, onions caramelizing for the Umami Anasazi Beans; bottom right, Umami Anasazi Beans.


(On the left, JL cooking away; top right, onions caramelizing for the Umami Anasazi Beans; bottom right, Mushroom Rice).

The rice was nice, but the beans… the beans were out of this world amazing.

The beans were based on the idea of ham and beans, a dish JL grew up with.  It’s not something I grew up with, but I could have eaten the entire pot worth of beans by myself!  So, so good.  And yes, it tasted like there was ham in there.  Crazy, right?


Umami Anasazi Beans over Mushroom Rice.

Umami Anasazi Beans over Mushroom Rice.

(Umami Anasazi Beans on top of Mushroom Rice)


Both of the recipes are featured in JL’s book, Vegan Pressure Cooking.

Other recipes I’m looking forward to trying?

Vegan “Bacon” and Cabbage, Soy Curl Mac ’n Cheese, Mashed Peas and Potatoes; and Bean and Barley Stew, just to name a few options!

I don’t often wax poetic about a book here, but how often do we have one of our Lower Hudson Valley friends writing a vegan cookbook?  And an awesome one at that!


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I Eat Plants columnist Jodie Deignan went vegetarian in 2004 and fully committed to veganism in 2007. By day she’s a psychiatric nurse practitioner and by night she spends a lot of time cooking delicious vegan food for herself and her friends. She’s a bit of a picky eater, with a special distaste for mushrooms, seaweed, raw tomatoes, and eggplant, though she’s discovered along the way she’s a little more open-minded than she once thought. She blogs at The Picky Vegan.

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