BRRZAAR Pulls Into the Irvington Train Station


MichelleOPENING TODAY-April 21, 2015 ~ The new kid in town is BRRZAAR.  Owners Michelle and Brian Leddy have created a scrumptious frozen yogurt cafe in the Irvington train station built in 1892. In this beautifully renovated space, adorned with tropical colors for a bright and cheery feel, this husband and wife team have created a wonderful space for commuters and patrons of all ages to enjoy their froyo.

After much research, Michelle found yogurt and coffee machines fitting her strict criteria and made in the USA. Supplies for the store must be completely organic, non GMO and gluten-free to be served at BRRZAAR. The two believe strongly in sourcing only the finest products, locally when possible. The owner, being gluten-free herself, takes this task very seriously, insisting “only GF products that taste great will be offered.”      machine (2)Eight flavors of organic frozen yogurt will be offered daily in this self serve establishment, including Vegan (non-dairy) flavors such as Coconut and Strawberry. “Tart” is the original yogurt flavor and is delicious when paired with any topping.  IMG_7036 (2)During the “soft opening” Chocolate, Coconut (V), Strawberry (V), Tart, and Blueberry were being sampled, all to rave reviews. The flavors are all fresh tasting and can be accompanied with savory or sweet given the vast choices of adornments. All toppings are included as the frozen treat is sold by weight at $.75 per ounce. A good sized portion with many toppings was under $5.00 when weighed.IMG_7024 (2)There are so many different add-ons to choose from at the self serve bar, allowing you to add a little or a lot of any given one. You will not find Reese’s pieces or Jimmies (aka sprinkles) here as they do not fit the strict criteria set by the owners, but organic marshmallows and GF cookie crumbles were in the mix as well as organic chocolate sauce. IMG_7038 (2)You can mix and match from the assortment of toppings on your own or one of the helpful staff dressed in a BRRZAAR tee and coral colored cap can suggest things that pair well with the flavor you have chosen. IMG_7027 (2)Again, the add-ons range from fresh fruit to chia seeds to jelly beans. Most intriguing were the “watermelon seeds”, “chocolate covered bacon bark”, and “dark chocolate covered coconut shavings”. All fun things to try. Special to their shop will be a house-made GF raw cookie dough (no eggs) as an amazing mix-in.IMG_7034 (2)The “french press” style of coffee is brewed in a Trifecta by Bunn coffee machine.  It submerges the grinds while agitating them in hot water, then slowly drips to perfection, creating the smoothest cup of coffee – no milk or sugar needed. This two minute process is well worth the wait, but self serve coffee is also available for those running to catch the next train. The type of coffee will change from time to time but will always be organic and rainforest alliance certified. Today we tasted whole beans freshly ground from Double Barrel Roasters, a medium body coffee from Peru. Delicious!

The store will extend its hours soon to accommodate commuters and the need for an early morning cup o’ joe!

Go to: BRRZAAR, Irvington Train Station, 7 N Astor Street, Irvington, NY 914-274-8118


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