Author Josephine D'Ippolito

Suburban Sweets columnist Josephine D’Ippolito is a baking enthusiast whose passion began more than twenty years ago, when, on a whim, she and her college friend made a single batch of cookies from scratch. One husband, three children and thousands of cookies later, Josephine enjoys the creative and culinary process of baking more than ever. Older, wiser and slightly more health conscious, she tends to justify her habit by making her desserts on the tiny side. Quite possibly her favorite day of the year is her annual cookie exchange held each December, when she gets to revel in the talent and sweetness of her dearest family and friends.

0 Suburban Sweets: Mini Cupcakes

Teeny, tiny vanilla cupcakes tend to bring smiles to everyone’s faces.  They are the quintessential suburban sweets dessert: bite-sized, classic, easy to make and delicious. …

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