Author sharon pickett

I have been eating since the day I was born – born into the wrong family. Don’t get me wrong, they are lovely people (most of them anyway) but for many of my relatives, seafood came breaded in a box, succotash was considered a vegetable, garlic came granulated in a small glass jar with salt added and bagels came in a plastic sleeve in the frozen food section. I could go on, but I think you get the picture. I knew for sure that something was wrong when I asked my Mom if we had any olive oil and she said “Sure do. It’s that liquid in the jar with the olives.” I had to get out. Arriving in New York for college, I began to realize what I had known all along. Fish have heads and tails! Coffee can be freshly ground (not instant)! Garlic is a bulb – a member of the onion family and comes in several different varieties and pungencies! And Lender’s bagels are not bagels, but merely round bread. Don’t get me started with kim chee, ceviche and charcuterie. Revelation accomplished. Today I live in Scarborough N.Y.and South Kingstown, R.I.with my husband Paul Mazzilli and too many cats. We have two grown children who began their lives eating only "beige food" but have since evolved. We are proud of them.

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